Our Philosophy

Quality, in craftsmanship and materials is what every homeowner expects and demands in their new home, and that's what Jim Strobel at Hoffmann-Strobel Builders, delivers. After 30 years experience in the home building business, Jim knows about quality of materials and excellent workmanship. He expects and searches out both for the homes that Hoffmann-Strobel Builders carefully constructs. Jim seeks out and is presented with new products and innovation in the building process, constantly. His approach to considering newly available choices, new concepts and products is to welcome change and keep current on options & regulation in the building industry. Options are explored, then incorporated or discarded after determining their merits. Input from his long term subcontractors is sought on innovations being offered in the marketplace. Jim's long standing relationships with his subcontractors make him know that he can seek their advice and recommendations through their exposure in their genre, regarding improvements to the products they install and create. Jim seeks out the best design help for new ideas and home fashion trends on the cutting edge. He appreciates the input and rises to the challenges of incorporating those design elements into the homes his clients want and expect. Appreciation for the quality of workmanship in his subcontractors makes for a good team dynamic. Jim isn't the least expensive builder he knows, but he really feels like the value for what Hoffmann-Strobel delivers is well worth the effort to find the best product for the price for his client.

Excitement and imagination are two characteristics that are evident when Jim sits down with his clients. Another word to describe your first meeting with Jim could be attention, you have Jim's full attention to the details. He's listening to what you say but also what you do not say. What you hope to get from the experience, your motivation for wanting to put this effort forth to get exactly the home that you want are all things that Jim considers. He's intrinsically interested in your getting out of this what you desire. For some it's the end game, the product and for others it's not just that, it's the experience of starting from scratch and creating something. Most of the homes that Hoffmann-Strobel builds are custom designed for their clients. The only limits are: the site, the budget and the clients imagination of what can be and Jim wants to help you get the best product with all those items considered.

The building site can have a large impact on what can be put on it and how. You may be just in the process of looking for that building site and Jim can help with that as well. He's spent literally years looking at specific lots for folks until they find just the right spot. Most of the time a client already has a lot in mind or have owned the building site for a time. Each client's needs are different and Jim meets you where you need him to. to start the process. After land is secured for the building site then the imagination starts kicking in for an actual application of ideas. The house may need to be shifted on the lot to take advantage of the morning sunshine coming through your breakfast window, or a deck expanded to take advantage of the view over the Lake, or the grading plan revised to take advantage of additional windows in your lower level. You may want the kitchen to look onto the driveway to watch kids playing outside or a bedroom farther from entrances for quiet. Your budget may not allow for that very long driveway and accommodation can be discussed and ideas tossed out there for dealing with that. This is the point at which the listening is critical and Jim can meet to help you through the design process with equal knowledge of your lot/land situations.

Their are options for how much or how little help a client needs in making decisions along the way. Each of our subcontractors is interested in your getting exactly what you want out of this in terms of your home and your experience. Jim can pull in experts in any area of the home where you want more input or more ideas for options. Some of these include technology including linking lighting, audio and digital equipment and letting Alexa be as much help as you'd like (or not.) Another area is in sound proofing, early landscape/grounds planning, lighting applications and security concerns. In floor heat or zone heating applications require planning ahead. Smarter trends in energy use are being offered all of the time, some make fiscal sense and some are preferences for working toward lessening an ecological footprint. Those can be explored too. If, at the end of the day you just really wanted to be able to design your home and enjoy that process itself without help then Jim can help you to achieve that too. Not every build is all consuming either, sometimes it's simply about creating something all your own and then happily spending your life there.

Customer Satisfaction Custom home building is much more about flexibility, trust and confidence in your builder than it is about boards and nails. Your next new home may be the largest and most expensive investment that you will make during your lifetime. You need to make sure that you are working with a building team that will not only build you a quality house, but will make it the home that you are confident in without worrying about performance.

The number one advertising success for Hoffmann-Strobel Builders is completely cost free. Our largest source of procuring work is the words from our current customers after their building process is done. We are always aware that the current work Jim doing is most likely directly coming from past clients referrals, as satisfied owners. The second largest method of advertising for us is the Parade of Homes, held through the local builders associations. We enjoy our Parade of Homes experiences each time that we're involved, as more often than not, each hour or so we'll see a previous customer stopping in, checking out what is new and touching base with Jim. Old clients and friends talking shop with him and seeing how things are going is one of the parts of the Parade of Homes that Jim enjoys. We do love these interactions and look forward to them.