Welcome to Hoffmann Strobel Builders

Hoffmann Strobel Builders LLC. was founded by Tom Hoffmann and Jim Strobel in 1985 after they had both been working for other builders for several years. After nearly 30 years spent running their company together, Tom retired from the business in 2014. You may see him on jobsites now and again though as he likes to keep his hand in with the finish work side of things. Jim has always considered himself a fortunate man to have been able to do exactly the job he has always wanted to. He enjoys helping people achieve their goal of building the home they have always wanted. He knows that it's a big step and he likes to see folks enjoy the process as the new place unfolds and the elements they've chosen with care are installed or crafted expertly by trusted long term subcontractors. Jim has often said that he never sees himself actually retiring and not doing exactly as he has been, enjoying and getting a lot of satisfaction from a job he loves.

The real "boss" during this process is YOU, the homeowner, and Jim is in contact with you on a daily basis during all of the critical phases of the construction process and the exciting but dillegent work to be done in choosing just how you'd like it to evolve. Jim is there to help you through the process of making choices for your new home and to smooth the way for contacts with his subcontractors many of whom have worked with Jim for 20-30 years. With this stability in his team of trusted subcontractors he can assure homeowners with support after the work is done and the home has been moved into.